Mango & Shea Butter Body Lotion

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Get your glow on with Luxxy’s Mango & Shea Butter Body Lotion with virgin, natural coconut oil Hydrate your skin like never before with our buttery smooth body lotion featuring the sultry scent of mango and shea.

  • The star here is the virgin and natural coconut oil known as the ‘miracle’ oil of the tropics
  • Features natural shea butter that smoothes and soothes
  • Extra virgin olive oil seals in moisture and adds a protective barrier
  • Light, non-greasy, quickly absorbed, and good for all skin types
  • Apply as much as needed throughout the day
  • 8.5 fl oz of the good stuff
  • No parabens or sulfates
  • Made with respect, cruelty-free product

PS - Be a lush, #GetLuxxy