The smell of luxxy.

Posted by luxxy. on Feb 26th 2019

Many body care products only sell you a scent…a weak scent! The leading big brands provide fancy packaging and a scent that leaves by the time you walk out of the store. The ingredients are chemical based so it is no wonder that their scents do not provide the benefits of aromatherapy. The scents of natural plants provide a natural boost. That only comes with natural ingredients.

Luxxy takes pride in its luxury packaging, natural ingredients, and scents that that are beneficial to you. The scent you put on your body is proven to make your more attractive to the opposite sex and act as a mood booster.

Luxxy’s Mango & Shea Butter scent provides balance, rejuvenates, and awakens the body. Our Sage & Sea Salt scent is refreshing, energetic, and uplifting. We put time and quality into the scent of our products along with the luxury and natural ingredients you expect from luxxy.

So go ahead, be a lush….and smell fantastic!