Quick Tip for Glowing Skin: Use Kelp

Quick Tip for Glowing Skin: Use Kelp

Posted by luxxy. on Sep 26th 2018

Sea Kelp offers hydration, anti-inflammatory, and essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids provide moisture to the skin while also locking in moisture.  The natural, anti-inflammatory properties of Sea Kelp will help reduce acne flare ups.  

Sea Kelp is one of the most nutritious sea life forms. If you want glowing skin then you have to get rid of the toxins.  Sea Kelp will draw out any excess fluid, dead cells, and toxins that are preventing the real you from shimmering through. Also, your skin will appear smoother without these toxins.  If you have ever felt sea weed then you know the gelatinous quality found in Sea Kelp. This quality makes it an ideal ingredient for body care products.  

To identify Sea Kelp or seaweed on labels, look for either common or Latin names: Macrocystis Pyrifera (the name of a kelp found in Antartica), bladder wrack (fucus), kelp (laminaria), Irish moss (sometimes listed as carrageenan, the name of the extract), SuperPhycoDismutase (or SPD, the name of an extract of a French coastal seaweed), or simply algae extract.

Luxxy's body mist and body lotion contain Marcrocystis Pyrifer (kelp) extract as a key ingredient.  You should look and feel great with any body care product.  That is why luxxy is the brand that is all about moments of luxury just for you.  When you use our products you know that you are using a product with a luxury look and feel.  So go ahead, Be a lush....you deserve it.